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At Tunde Adejumo & Co. we offer valuation services for various purposes. Valuation involves the determination of the monetary worth or value of a property or asset at a specified date for a specific purpose. Categories of properties in respect of which a valuation exercise might be undertaken include: Residential…
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Our Project Monitoring and Evaluation (M & E) helps to improve performance and to achieves results. The goal of M & E is to improve current and future management of outputs, outcomes and impact. While monitoring is used to check progress against plan, data acquired through monitoring is used for…
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At Tunde Adejumo & Co. we offer project management services At Tunde Adejumo & Co. we accomplish projects through the application and integration of Project Management processes of initiating, planning, execution, monitoring and evaluation and closing. Benefits from Project Management Services include: Elimination of cost and time overrun. Elimination of wastage,…
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Facility Management is an integrated management process that considers organization context. At Tunde Adejumo & Co. this service involves management of premises and buildings together with fixtures contained therein: We handle Facilities Management Consultancy Services for individuals, Institutions, Corporate Bodies, Banks, Government Agencies/Corporations including: University of Lagos, Akoka Yaba, Lagos Lagos…
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At Tunde Adejumo & Co. our agency/auctioneering services: involves buying, selling, letting and leasing of interest in Land and building on behalf of clients. Estate Agency Services are provide for various types of Real Estate viz: Residential, Commercial and Industrial. Services Valuation for Various Purposes Monitoring and Evaluation Project Management…
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